Vendor Fair FAQ

Curious Vendors Ask...

MAETL's mandate is to support and promote the aims and objectives of its members in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) as an integral part of curriculum delivery and educational administration in Manitoba Schools. MAETL has regional meetings each month where members discuss best practices, current research, industry trends and local experiences in the realm of ICT and Educational Technologies. Membership in MAETL is open to all school divisions, school districts, and provincially recognized educational entities in Manitoba. Our present membership consists of representation from almost all school divisions across the province. MAETL members include IT Directors, curriculum consultants, and technical resource staff.

Typically, we will have representation from almost all School Divisions in Manitoba. You can expect 50-60 people to be in attendance at the event. MAETL members represent the technology decision-makers, or those who influence technology-related decisions for their respective School Divisions.

Sorry. We cannot distribute a list containing contact information for MAETL members. We encourage both vendors and our members to connect during the vendor fair. Door prize tickets has proven to be an excellent way for vendors to collect contact information for MAETL members. We will also provide you with a list of names & email addresses for the participants who register to attend your afternoon breakout session, if you choose this registration option.

In a desire to drive traffic to their table, many vendors have expressed an interest in providing a door prize. To simplify and standardize the process of managing door prize draws...
• Vendors who indicate that they will be providing a door prize will be supplied with a “fishbowl” at their exhibit table to use to collect cards from MAETL attendees.
• MAETL members will be provided with a sheet of pre-printed tickets to use for door prize draws. Each ticket will contain the MAETL member’s name, their School Division and all relevant contact information.
• At the close of the evening, vendors will be called upon to make their draws.
• The contact info tickets that vendors collect throughout the evening are theirs to keep following the event.

Wifi access is available for all attending the event. Several years ago, significant improvements were made to the wifi service at the Lakeview Resort and Conference Centre and our experience since that time has been positive. We are confident that the wifi service available at the hotel for the event will meet all vendor needs for the event. 

To simplify matters for vendors, we are providing an option to pre-purchase blocks of 5 tickets to the cash-bar at a cost of $7.00 per ticket at the same time you register for the event. Pre-purchased drink tickets will be included in the package you will receive when you arrive at the hotel to set up your table in the afternoon. You always still have the option of paying cash for drinks at the bar although the hotel will not permit vendors to run a tab.

Yes... In fact, payment by credit card is the preferred option. When you complete your online registration you can indicate whether you would like to pay by cheque or credit card. If you opt to pay by cheque, we’ll send you an invoice for payment. If you opt to pay by credit card, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

We do ask that vendors promptly pay their fees whether paying by cheque or credit card. The MAETL Vendor Fair event has typically sold out quickly in past years leaving some vendors on a wait list. Vendors with unpaid fees as of March 24th, 2023 run the risk of forfeiting their spot to a vendor on the wait list.

Yes. Accommodations at Gimli are somewhat limited. In order to ensure that we have sufficient rooms set aside for our AGM and the Riding The Wave conference that follows, we have blocked off the better part of the hotel. To reserve a room, call the hotel directly at 204-642-8565 and indicate that you are with the MAETL/Riding the Wave group.

The 2025 online vendor fair registration system will open winter of 2025. Stay tuned!